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All About Sea Turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Sea turtle season in Puerto Vallarta

Did you know that every year sea turtles come to Puerto Vallarta to lay their eggs? It is true! Sea turtles actually lay their eggs in the very same location where they were born. Puerto Vallarta is in Banderas Bay on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. There, the spawning season for sea turtles starts in June and goes through December. There are 7 different sea turtle species, and 6 of the sea turtle species return to Puerto Vallarta to lay their eggs every year. Do you want to enjoy a Puerto Vallarta vacation? If so, then the Villa Group Resorts is an excellent place to stay. They have almost 4 decades in the resort industry, and are an award-winning resort provider. They have amazing all inclusive travel packages right now. Also, qualified applicants can enquire about their great timeshare ownership program. In the meantime, read below to learn all about sea turtles in Puerto Vallarta. 

  • Returning Sea Turtles to Puerto Vallarta

The sea turtles journey through the ocean every year until they reach their birth location. Female adult sea turtles come back to where they were born in Banderas Bay, so they can lay their eggs there. The time when the spawning season occurs is between June through December. August and September are considered the peak months for sea turtle activity. The baby turtles start breaking their shells when they are ready to hatch, then they climb out of the deep sand nests, then crawl slowly to the sea. There are conservation efforts made to regularly collect sea turtle eggs until they hatch. This is done to give the baby sea turtles better chances of getting to the sea safely. The number of sea turtle eggs vary yearly, but is an important part of the local ecosystem.

  • 3000 Turtle Nests in Puerto Vallarta 

The female sea turtles will decide when she wants to lay her eggs, and this is when the process will begin. She will bury her turtle eggs deep into the sand, and they will incubate for around 50 days. When the incubation is over, the turtle eggs will start hatching. The preservation groups do their best to collect eggs from nests found on local beaches. The turtle eggs will then be reburied in the sand, but in protected areas so they will be protected from people and natural predators. The natural predators that will eat the eggs are foxes, crows, raccoons, herons, seagulls, skunks, and crows. Even people have been known to steal the baby sea turtle eggs to sell them on the black market. In Banderas Bay, they expect 3,000 sea turtles to hatch this year, and around 100 eggs will be gathered from each nest. Usually, 85% of the baby sea turtles will hatch. 

  • Baby Sea Turtles Will Hatch!

The baby sea turtles will start cracking their shells when they are ready to hatch! Once they have broken the shell they will crawl out, then start their journey towards the sea. Many conservationists and local volunteers will collect as many sea turtle eggs as they can so more of the baby sea turtles can survive. Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta soon? If you are, then you will want to make sure you see the baby sea turtles hatching. During the daytime, visitors can watch the sea turtles nests. Just contact any of the local organizers when you arrive, so you can go see the baby sea turtles hatch and participate in a release in the evening. 

In Puerto Vallarta, sea turtle hatching season has arrived! If you need the best accommodations for your Puerto Vallarta vacation, then contact the Villa Group Resorts. They have luxury local resorts located close to the sea turtle hatching areas. Plus, they have special travel deals on sale right now so you can enjoy a relaxing vacation without breaking the bank. They also have COVID safety measures in place to keep visitors safse. Contact the Villa Group today, so you can start planning your vacation to Puerto Vallarta

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