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Timeshare or a Second Home in Puerto Vallarta?

second home in Puerto Vallarta

There are pros and cons to both timeshare and homeownership, this much is true; which option suits you best is something which is entirely dependent upon your own personal situation. To help you understand whether or not a timeshare or a second home in Puerto Vallarta is for you we have compiled our list of top reasons to consider a timeshare.

Are you ready for a timeshare or second home in Puerto Vallarta?

Where do you want to be?

When investing in a second home, location really is everything. You’re not just picking walls and a roof; you’re picking a view to enjoy, a morning walk, and a community to join. There are plenty of homes in Puerto Vallarta which are in good areas, but if you want a beachfront location you’ll be hard pushed to beat the offerings of timeshare companies. A timeshare in Puerto Vallarta means instant access to the beach, no travelling required.

Do you need to purchase a second home?

When you’re considering a second home you really should think about how much time you will be spending there. Buying a timeshare means only paying for the time you actually own/use. This can be a real money saver, and owning a fraction of the home means that you’re only fractionally responsible for its upkeep. With the resort staff on hand, too, you can be sure your timeshare will be ready for you every time you arrive.

  • Amenities: a house can be beautiful, spacious, and well situated, but we’d bet our bottom dollar that it won’t offer the same comprehensive amenities as a timeshare membership/unit can. Timeshare resorts very often have spas, multiple pools, restaurants, and bars as well as the basic services like dry cleaning and room service. Some even have free activity schedules.

In Conclusion

In the end, it all comes down to what you need and want from your vacation home. You have to weigh up the pros and cons of each before you make a choice about what’s right for you. However, what we can tell you for sure is that Puerto Vallarta won’t let you down!

second home in Puerto Vallarta

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