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Timeshare Presentation Exposed in Puerto Vallarta

Timeshare is very popular as well as great value for money in Puerto Vallarta. The destination has so much to offer repeat visitors that it seems the perfect place to buy a vacation home. There is never a dull moment and something new to discover each time you visit Puerto Vallarta. As timeshare is such a booming trend in Vallarta, you will find that you will most certainly be invited to attend a timeshare presentation at some point during your stay. So what happens at a timeshare presentation in Puerto Vallarta?

Firstly, if you are not already staying in the resort where the properties are on sale, you will be collected by taxi or other reliable transportation and taken to the timeshare presentation. Usually, the timeshare OPC (the person who convinced you to attend the presentation) will accompany you. When you arrive to the presentation, you will be offered some refreshments or breakfast. This gives you chance to relax and taken in your surroundings.

The preliminary stage of the event is a formal presentation, a conference style talk where you will be introduced to the history of the timeshare developer and their reputation. You will also be shown a variety of different photographs, statistics and videos that should give you a clear idea of the investment you are about to engage in, highlighting the benefits of becoming a fractional owner of a vacation home.

Once you have enjoyed the initial presentation you will be escorted by a seller who will give you more specific details about the properties and the resort. You will get to see more photographs and architectural plans to gain a better idea about what you are potentially buying. The seller will take time to find out about you and your vacation preferences to be able to offer the most appropriate accommodations and deals. It would be a good idea to inform them at this point of your financial position and whether or not it is a possibility that you would be able to purchase a property.

Even if you think that buying a timeshare is not for you, the seller will take you on a tour of the units and resort, giving you the opportunity to change your mind once you see the fantastic properties on offer. If you are already excited about the prospect of becoming a fractional owner, then use the tour to ask questions and look at how the other guests at the resort are spending their time. Is it the kind of place you could see yourself in 10 years time? Do the guests look like they are having a good time? What are the installations and facilities like? Are they well maintained?

When you return to the sales room, you will be required to make your final decision. If you are going to purchase a unit, then you will be expected to sign the contract there and then. You will be given time to read the contract and you are bly advised to do so carefully. If there are any points promised by the seller that are not mentioned in the contract, be sure to receive their assurances in writing. Verbal agreements are asking for disappointment. If in doubt, ask to see the most senior associate available.

And that’s all there is to it! Timeshare presentations in Puerto Vallarta should be a pleasant experience and the units should sell themselves on their own merits.


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  1. Timeshare sales are very common these days. Resort companies and worried owners are doing all that is possible to sell their timeshare properties, but the problem is that the supply exceeds the demand by far. If you go on vacation to a well known touristic spot, it is very probable that you will be approached by a timeshare salesman. No matter where you are: at the airport, on the streets, on a restaurant, timeshare salespeople are everywhere! And if that’s not enough, the internet is also infested by thousands of timeshare sales deals. In the following paragraphs, we’ll describe how timeshare sales are seen from different perspectives.

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