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Timeshare Presentations and Gifts

Timeshare Presentations

Many people are tempted to attend timeshare presentations for the free gift, which could be anything from a sum of money or a gold watch to discounts or free tickets. While there are some people who just play the system and scan the airports for timeshare opportunities to make some money or get free tours, most of us are simply prepared to give up some of our time to see what it’s all about.

Beware Gift Scams

While usually the worst that can happen is that your don’t receive a gift, in some cases, you might have to pay postage so that your gift is sent to you, or pay a entry fee in order to ‘win’ your gift. These gift scams are easy to spot as the gifts are generally too good to be true. The best thing is to check out the company on the Internet before attending the presentation to see if you have to be careful.

Genuine Gifts

Most well established timeshare companies have no need to scam you over a gift as many offer discounts or free vacations, which essential don’t cost them anything and actually encourage people to spend money in their resort regardless of if you buy. Nevertheless, all timeshare operators will offer you something, if only a gourmet breakfast or fishing trip.

The thing to remember when attending timeshare presentations is that the timeshare resort and accommodations should be what attract you not the gift. Essentially the freebie is to get you in the door and the beauty of the facilities and the apartments should be what wins your heart.


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  1. Think about this; If timeshares were good enough, Why would any resort give you a tour and a free breakfast to get you to attend their sales presentation?

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