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Timeshare Sales Jobs

Timeshare Sales Jobs

Working in the timeshare industry can be a challenging yet a rewarding line of work. There is a lot of money to be made in the industry especially if you are good at what you do. With more than 5,000 resorts scattered in 120 countries, the timeshare industry is a huge earning opportunity for its more than 500,000 employees all over the world.

Timeshare Sales Jobs

In order to make the money you have been dreaming of, you have to be able to sell. Selling in timeshare needs focus and dedication from salespersons. If you don’t have a natural ability to sell, other skills can also help you land a perfectly-satisfying job here. Your charm, friendliness, and outgoing personality will enable you to become great at selling.

If you want to know which timeshare sales job is ideal for you, read on and choose from our most common positions:

  • Work as an OPC

An OPC or Off Property Contact is great for those looking for flexible gigs. Hours are generally short and you enjoy a flexible schedule. An OPC has the responsibility to rustle up prospective buyers to send to the resort. You are usually stationed at the airport, a fine dining restaurant, the boardwalk or a shopping mall. You are selling the idea of participating in a sales presentation. Making the presentation as appealing as possible is your main task so that they would want to experience it. You are always equipped with lots of freebies and discounted offers to make your talk as irresistible as possible.

  • Someone’s First Contact as an In-house

After clienteles were convinced to experience a timeshare presentation through an OPC at the airport or elsewhere, your work as an in-house entails you receive people as they are checking into the resort. You now have the chance to book them for “property tour”. As someone’s first contact, this is your major asset. Not all OPCs around your town’s corner have bombarded them yet so you have the privilege to gain their trust and convince them with what you offer, including discounts on spa treatments or at restaurants. You have to let them agree that what you offer is well worth their time.

  • Selling in a Timeshare Sales room

As a timeshare sales room seller, you do not need to hunt for buyers yourself. They are delivered right up to you and the only pressure is to get them want to buy a timeshare. The job is not for the faint-hearted as you have to stay on your A-game at all times. This can be an incredibly lucrative job when once you start making sales more opportunities will be given to you. It is up to your skills and creativity how to paint a vivid picture of how your clients can reap the rewards of owning a vacation timeshare. You have to let them want to experience enjoyable getaways in various destinations for years to come. Once they intend to purchase, you will begin your number talk until you settle for a price. What is great about this job is you get to spend only until 2 pm since most sales rooms close at this time. You now have the rest of the day to spend for yourself after you have made money by selling.

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