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2019 Travel to Mexico – Is Security an Issue?

Safe Travel to mexico

Have you seen on the news that Mexico is not the safest place for vacations and you are wondering if this statement is true? Although there is isolated crime that does happen in Mexico (just as it does in every other country and city around the world), the crime that does happen in Mexico is usually limited to inter-gang crime. The media likes to say that Mexico is not a safe place to travel to, but the country is actually very safe and you probably won’t find people anywhere it the world that are friendlier than Mexicans. You will have a safe and great vacation if you just use common sense, just as you would in any place in the world. Read below for 2019 travel to Mexico tips. Is security an issue?

Mexico: Is Security an Issue?: Along with all the tourists, Mexico has also become home to many foreigners and expats that make the move to work full time, to retire or to have a second vacation home. Mexico is a complex and interesting country that has a large number of amazing cities that are wonderful to visit. There are stunning coastal beach towns, charming colonial cities and modern metropolitan cities. Many of the popular cities in Mexico are currently home to numerous expats because these areas are safe, secure and beautiful. San Miguel de Allende, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas are just a few of the top destinations that people enjoy visiting. Tourists are attracted to these cities because they are very safe and the locals always welcome all the tourists.

Good Judgement and Common Sense: Everyone should already know this, but if you want to stay safe in Mexico or any other city in the world, you should always use good judgment and common sense. It goes a long way when it comes down to you staying safe. Unfortunately, drug connected violence and crime does occur in the country, but if you stay away from these types of people and activities, you will not be in any danger when you are vacationing or living in Mexico. There is no sure way or 100% way to keep yourself safe from a random crime, but this happens in other countries as well. Many of the larger cities in the world, especially in the USA, have higher crime rates than Mexico does. A valuable tip is to never travel at night by yourself, and you should always avoid any locations that are isolated. If you do that, then you should stay safe.

More Security Tips and Steps: If you select a resort or hotel that provides their guests with twenty-four security when you are vacationing in Mexico is another great way to stay safe. Most of the popular and top resorts, such as the award-winning Villa Group resorts, provide twenty-four-hour security for their property and guests. The security only allows people that are authorized to enter the property. When you have this type of security where you will be staying when you are in Mexico. you will have a stress-free and comfortable vacation as well.

Are you ready to start booking your next vacation? Is it safe in 2019 for travel to Mexico? Is security an issue? If you choose a top resort like the Villa Group resorts, your vacation will be safe and rewarding.

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