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Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints

Villa del Palmar Timeshare Complaints Reviews

Do you often wonder when you are reading information online if what you are reading is true or if it is false? Villa del Palmar sometimes receives online negative reviews that are simply not true. Did you know that there are scam companies that pay people to write negative reviews about Villa del Palmar timeshares in order to trick Villa del Palmar timeshare members and scam their money? First, you should know that Villa del Palmar is a genuine and legit timeshare provider. The vast majority of Villa del Palmar timeshare complaints are simply fake and very misleading. You can learn about the most popular Villa del Palmar timeshare complaints below. You will see quickly that they are false and untrue.

Sales Reps Scam Villa del Palmar Timeshare Members and Potential Buyers

UNTRUE: This statement is untrue! The vacation ownership sales reps with Villa del Palmar are fully trained to provide all potential and existing members with honest informational and to always act in a professional manner. If any of the timeshare sales reps are found guilty in lying, they will receive a disciplinary action. Dishonest behavior is not tolerated and goes against Villa del Palmar’s ethics policy. Villa del Palmar as a resort and vacation club provider has over thirty years in the timeshare industry, and they pride themselves on training all of their sales reps and employees to only provide true information about the membership program with Villa del Palmar.

Villa del Palmar Presentations Are a Waste of Time

UNTRUE: The presentations with Villa del Palmar are not a waste of time, nor excessively long, and they are far from being boring as some of the negative reviews have claimed. The timeshare industry standard for a sales presentation is ninety minutes, which is the perfect amount of time for Villa del Palmar sales reps to properly explain the vacation ownership membership program, benefits, and features that come with Villa del Palmar. Once the sales presentation is over, visitors are welcome to stay longer to walk the resort grounds and to ask any additional questions.

No Timeshare Cancellations with Villa del Palmar

UNTRUE: This statement is just another false review that is not accurate or true. Villa del Palmar provides a cooling off period, which allows existing members to cancel their membership legally. The Villa del Palmar sales reps will discuss the cooling off period terms during the sales presentation, and it will also be stated in the timeshare contract, too. When you are reviewing and signing your contract for the timeshare membership with Villa del Palmar, you should go over the cooling off period so there will be no confusion later.

Exchange Program is Not Honored at Villa del Palmar

UNTRUE: Villa del Palmar honors the exchange program. This statement is just another false statement about Villa del Palmar. The exchange program with Villa del Palmar allows their members to use their points to stay at other top resorts in Mexico. The timeshare points program will give members added flexibility and Villa del Palmar timeshare provider allows their members to even borrow points from the future. It is very important that Villa del Palmar members book their vacations ahead of time, and a good time to book in advance is nine months to one year. When you book your vacation in advance, you will be more likely to get the dates that you want for your vacation and the most sought after units, too.

Villa del Palmar Makes Members Pay High Maintenance Fees

UNTRUE: This statement is 100% false and untrue. The maintenance fees that timeshare members pay goes along with the timeshare industry standards. The maintenance fee information will be explained during the sales presentation and on the timeshare contract. Villa del Palmar maintenance fees are extremely important as this money will all go back into the resort for all the upkeep, repairs, and maintenance. Every time you use your timeshare membership with Villa del Palmar you will have a fantastic vacation experience because of the fees that have been paid.

As you can clearly see, the Villa del Palmar timeshare complaints and negative reviews are just untrue. Anytime you have a question or a concern you can contact Villa del Palmar and a staff member will be there to answer all questions and address your concerns.

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