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What are timeshare maintenance fees?

When you buy a timeshare, you should be aware of your responsibility to pay yearly maintenance fees for your property. These fees should be stipulated during the presentation and you should look for the details about the timeshare maintenance fees in your contract before signing. Remember, like any purchase, once you have signed your agreement there is very little you can do to change the terms of your contract.

What do your Timeshare maintenance fees cover?

Basically, your timeshare maintenance fees secure your investment in your future enjoyment. The fees contribute to the general operation of the resort as well as the cleaning, maintenance and renovation of your specific property. Over time, furniture and fixtures get damaged or deteriorate owing to wear and tear and your maintenance fees cover the cost of these replacements or repairs. Every time you arrive to your timeshare you should make note of anything that needs replacing or that is close to breaking to ensure the best conditions for your property.

Do I have to pay my timeshare maintenance fees when I am not there?

Yes, even if you do not use your property one year for whatever reason, you will still have to pay the maintenance fees. Therefore it is always advisable to lend or rent your property to friends or family if you cannot take advantage of your timeshare to avoid feeling like you are paying something you are not using.


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  1. Timeshare maintenance fees are annual payments that are established and collected by the resort to maintain the unit in optimal conditions. Maintenance fees cover:

    On-site management
    Housekeeping services
    Pest control

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