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Rescission Laws for Mexican Timeshares

Mexican timeshares

Are you looking into the rescission laws which are currently in force in Mexico? If so you’re in the right place; this short article has all the basic information you need to know about the rescission laws in place to protect consumers in Mexico who purchase Mexican timeshares.

Facts about rescission laws for Mexican timeshares

These laws were brought in to ensure a set period of time in which buyers could rethink their decision and completely cancel their Mexican timeshare without liability or consequence. These rescission laws were put in place to protect the consumer and the seller, but only apply to Mexican timeshares bought directly from a genuine and legitimate timeshare company (as opposed to on the resale market). As such, this article focuses on situations in which the Mexican timeshare has been bought directly from the provider.

What is the rescission period and how does it affect you?

The purpose of the rescission period for Mexican timeshares is to allow consumers to think about their decision away from the pressure and scrutiny of the salesroom, and allows them to be sure that they have made the right decision. If, for some reason, clients feel that they have not made the right decision in purchasing their Mexican timeshare, they can cancel without fear. Mexican timeshare cancellation scammers will tell you that this is not the case to fool you into paying for their “services”, but it is true. The only circumstances which are not covered by these laws are when a timeshare is purchased from the resale market, or if the company selling it is not genuine. In these cases the laws relating to the rescission period cannot help you.

What happens after the legal rescission period has passed?

Once the rescission period has passed for Mexican timeshare purchases, you cannot cancel your timeshare contract. If you wish to end your timeshare contract you will need to sell your timeshare on or come to an agreement with your provider.

Protection from timeshare cancellation scammers targeting Mexican timeshare owners

Prevention is the best protection; look out for warning signs and where possible only buy from someone you know, or directly from a genuine timeshare provider. If you feel that you have been the victim of any timeshare related scam you should immediately contact the Mexican federal department, PROFECO, in order to make a formal complaint against the company or individual involved.

Have you been a victim of a Mexican timeshare scam? Share your story.

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