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How Can I Become a Villa Group Elite Member?

Villa Group Elite Membership

Did you know that Villa Group timeshare members are so happy that they decided to invest in their future? A vacation ownership membership with the Villa Group ensures that you will have quality vacations for life, at a price you can afford. An award winning resort provider, the Villa Group delivers on impeccable accommodations, world class amenities and superior services. However, did you also know that there is a way to get even more out of your membership plan? The Villa Group Elite Membership is an upgraded, exclusive program for members who want to enjoy all the extra bells and whistles that can make their vacations even better. Don’t daydream about the possibility! Make it a reality with a Villa Group Elite Membership that your whole family will love.

Villa Group Elite Membership: Point System

While the process to earn elite status is the same, the Villa Group Elite Membership program is based on a point system that divides members into three different Elite levels. The level you are in is determined by the number of points that you have accrued. To begin with, the first Elite level is referred to as a Four Star level where members must have earned 5,000 points. Next, once a member earns 10,000 points they bump up into the next level which is the Five Star level. Lastly, the highest level of Villa Group Elite Membership is the Elite Residences level which is reserved for members who have earned 15,000 points or more.

Villa Group Elite Membership: Benefits and Perks

The point system determines how members reach the various Villa Group Elite Membership levels. Now, do you want to learn more about the extra benefits you can enjoy as an Elite member? First off, the VIP Elite experience becomes evident from the very moment you arrive at the resort. Standard level members will have to wait in line to check in as other guests. However, Villa Group Elite members enjoy priority service and a pre-arrival check-in process. Elite Members can skip the line and go straight to the Villa Group Elite Membership concierge for assistance, or they can even go straight to their suite for a personalized check-in in the privacy of their room. In addition, Elite members have a Elite Membership call center just for them. Elite members also receive a 30-day reservation booking window for extra ease in booking.

Villa Group Elite Membership: Exclusive Member Bonuses

Villa Group Elite Membership gives members a chance to spend time in upgraded accommodations based on a point system that is divided into three membership levels. In addition to luxurious suites, Elite members receive special benefits such as VIP attention and the best tables at restaurants, Elite members only pool access, unlimited use of the spa wet areas, personalized butler service and complimentary wifi service for all of your devices. Extra services and upgraded amenities guarantee a more complete vacation experience so members have the chance to really pamper themselves. Also, Villa Group is constantly looking for different ways to keep their Elite members happy by adding new perks and benefits so you can expect the surprises to keep coming as part of the program. Want even more perks? If you attend presentations you can get added upgrades and promotions. Also, Elite members enjoy potential room upgrades based on available inventory, plush Elite towels, and special VIP areas just for Elite members located at each of the Villa Group resorts.

Ready to upgrade and become part of the Villa Group Elite Membership program? It is well worth it so you can take ultra luxurious vacations.

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