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Villa Group Elite Membership: Dream Vacations to Mexico

Villa Group Elite Membership: Dream Vacations to Mexico

Have you been wondering how you can set up a vacation plan for you and your family so you can enjoy amazing vacations now and for many years to come? Are you a current timeshare member with the Villa Group Resorts? If not, you should know that a Villa Group vacation club membership is one of the best ways that you can plan for all your future vacations at the best Mexican destinations. Have you heard about the Villa Group Elite Membership upgrade? The Villa Group Elite Membership is an upgrade for members who want to have dream vacations in Mexico. Read below to learn how the Villa Group Elite Membership plan works, so you too can enjoy dream vacations to Mexico. 

Villa Group Elite Membership Signing Up

Are you a new timeshare member, or do you want to become a Villa Group timeshare member? First, you need to attend a sales presentation so you can learn about all the perks and benefits of membership. If you qualify, you can sign up to join the Villa Group Resorts vacation club family. If you want to have the best travel experience possible, select to upgrade to Elite Membership. The Elite program determines the status for the member with a point system. There are three levels with the Elite program. The number of points that you have banked with your membership plan will determine the level with the Elite program. For example, the Four-Star level is the first level for members with 5,000 points, then the Five Star level for members with 10,000 points, and lastly the Elite Residences level (The Highest Level) is for members who have 15,000 points and greater. 

Elite Membership: Dream Vacations to Mexico

You have just learned what the Villa Group Elite Membership levels are. You know now that they are based on a points system. Now, are you interested in learning about what kind of features you can expect with each level in the Elite Membership program? When you arrive at the resort, your upgraded benefit experience will begin. Elite Members never have to wait in line as they can take advantage of the pre-arrival process during check-in. Instead of wasting valuable vacation time in line, you can head straight to your suite or ask the concierge for any help. Elite Members can also take advantage with special attention at the call center, which allows you up to a month for your reservation booking period, which is great for extra flexibility. 

Elite Membership Exclusive Features 

Upgraded accommodations are also part of the benefits of Elite Preferred Status. The Villa Group Elite Membership will also provide you with exclusive features that other members don’t receive. You can expect VIP attention at onsite restaurants, enjoy exclusive access to the members-only pool, specialized spa services, butler service personalized for you, complimentary Wi-Fi, and more. All of these exclusive features will pamper you and your family. The Villa Group Resorts are always trying to provide additional exclusive features for their Elite members, so each time you visit the resort you can expect a new surprise. Also, there are additional discounts available for Elite members, which include plush and soft luxurious Elite towels, VIP areas just for Elite members only located around the resort, and upgrades with your suites. You will feel like a VIP when you enjoy all the features of your Villa Group Elite Membership. Dream vacations to Mexico will happen for you and your family. 

Are you ready to become a Villa Group Elite Member? You will see that luxurious dream vacations to Mexico can become a reality for you and your family when you join. 

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