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Does Villa Group Work with Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Have you been heard any negative reviews about the Mexican Timeshare Solutions, or have you been heard negative reviews in general about timeshare memberships? The Mexican Timeshare Solutions is actually a timeshare cancellation company that is completely a fraud and a scammer. This fraudulent company makes their money scamming innocent victims. The Mexican Timeshare Solutions thrives on discrediting award-winning world class vacation club providers including the Villa Group Resorts in Mexico. Don’t let yourself become a victim to this scamming and dishonest company.

  • Mexican Timeshare Solutions – Fraudulent Cancellation Company

Why does the Mexican Timeshare Solutions try so hard to put down and discredit the Villa Group, which is a genuine vacation club provider? The reason is simple. Mexican Timeshare Solutions offers one kind of service, which is a timeshare membership cancellation service, and if they told the truth about the Villa Group, then they would be out of business. Mexican Timeshare Solutions makes their potential clients think that it is urgent that they cancel their membership with them. In reality, vacation ownership memberships today are a fantastic investment and if Mexican Timeshare Solutions told this truth, then the truth would come out that they have no legitimate services to offer potential clients. As a result, this is why they don’t stop belittling reputable companies such as the Villa Group.

  • Does Villa Group Work with Mexican Timeshare Solutions?

Does Villa Group work with Mexican Timeshare Solutions? No, Villa Group doesn’t work with Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Mexican Timeshare Solutions only provides one supposed service to their potential clients, which is canceling vacation club memberships. Vacation ownership memberships with any reputable resort provider including the Villa Group can only be cancelled during the rescission or the cooling off period, which is usually 5 to 14 days after you have signed your membership contract. There isn’t any company that can cancel your existing membership once the cooling off period has passed. If any company says they can, then you need to beware!

  • Is Villa Group Timeshares Legit?

Did you hear that Villa Group and their vacation club memberships are not legit? You shouldn’t believe anything that the Mexican Timeshare Solutions, which is a fraudulent company, says. The Villa Group is known for providing legit and high-quality vacation ownership for decades. The Villa Group has over 30 years of experience and they are recognized by the ARDA (American Resort Development Association). The Villa Group has nine amazing resorts that are located in five of the most popular destinations throughout Mexico. You don’t have to worry when you purchase a quality membership from the Villa Group as they are a top resort and vacation club provider. You will be investing for future vacations. Thousands of happy members are thrilled with their vacation club membership that they have purchased from the Villa Group. This is a genuine vacation solution that will provide you with vacations that are great, for life.

  • Vacation Locations with Villa Group

If you invest in a vacation club membership with the Villa Group and you are wondering where you can vacation at, then you will be pleased to know that the Villa Group has resort properties in the following locations including Islands of Loreto, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Riviera Nayarit.

The Villa Group resorts are:

  • Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas
  • Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas
  • Villa del Palmar Cancun
  • Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto
  • Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta
  • Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta
  • Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Riviera Nayarit

Each of the beach resorts with the Villa Group are fully equipped with beautiful décor, and the suites are very spacious and elegantly appointed. There are many onsite amenities, which include professional spas, multiple swimming pools, several restaurants, and luscious landscaping. Villa Group members can choose a variety of accommodations, which include:

  • One Bedroom
  • Two Bedroom
  • Three Bedroom
  • Penthouses

Are you ready to become a satisfied member with the Villa Group? If you are, then simply contact Villa Group and have your name added to the sales presentation and resort tour. You will want to choose the resort location that interests you most, but remember as a Villa Group member you can visit any of the 9 resorts throughout Mexico based on availability. Once you have attended the presentation you can decide if you are ready to be a valued member with the Villa Group.

In conclusion, you should try to avoid any cancellation companies such as the Mexican Timeshare Solutions as they are all fraudsters. Does Villa Group work with Mexican Timeshare Solutions? No, they do not, and if they tell you they do, then they are lying and trying to scam you!

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